White Paper

Managing The Convergence Of Healthcare And Technology

HIMSS and Validic partner on a research paper to breakdown the expected growth in health IT spending and adoption in 2016, and identify three core areas of growth: population health management, telemedicine and clinical & business intelligence solutions.

Health IT adoption and spending trends indicate the unprecedented convergence of healthcare and technology as the industry transitions to value-based care models. For the most part, all healthcare stakeholders are accepting and embracing this declaration. The speculation, however, centers on how quickly this use of technology will help to effectively transition healthcare to a value-based care system.

A variety of factors are signaling an intensified adoption of digital technologies in healthcare. In this white paper, HIMSS and Validic forecast the growth in Health IT for 2016 in three core areas:

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  • population health management 
  • telemedicine
  • clinical & business intelligence solutions