White Paper

Manage by Exception: A Roadmap for Personalized Healthcare at Scale

Today, many clinicians lack the data and the context necessary to influence care and treatment, and even if they had the data, lack the right toolkit to avoid needing to pour through more data than they could possibly consume. Perhaps most importantly, clinicians lack the technology and automation to manage patient-generated health data (PGHD). Without these tools, providers can still collect, analyze, and act on the data. However, many do not have the time or the resources to manually gather, document, and analyze PGHD while also managing a full patient panel effectively.

Personalized care can help providers treat more patients without overloading their bandwidth. A management by exception model allows providers to spend less time with patients progressing as expected, and more time focusing on higher-risk patients who might need a higher frequency of care.

Outlined in this white paper:

  • Best practices for implementing the manage-by-exception care model to achieve personalized care
  • Details on management by exception applicability across the population health pyramid
  • Actionable steps in integrating health technology as a force multiplier 


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